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Ocean Online


Ocean Online is a unique opportunity for students living in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, San Benito, and San Mateo counties. There is a non-classroom based instruction option (SB277 compliant). 

Curriculum Options

Ocean Online uses a blended learning model, combining the best in educational technology like Accelerate Education, Khan Academy, and Dreambox Math, with expert teacher support and consultation. Our program is designed to be flexible and allow for a wide range of student abilities and interests. We utilize a broad spectrum of curriculum options, both online and traditional, available to all students. Please keep in mind that students are also required to participate in art or music activities as well as daily physical education. 


**Please note: All course work can be done as traditional independent study, with no online courses required.**



We use Edgenuity (Imagine Learning) for our online curriculum.



All Ocean Online students are welcome to attend our community events:

For more information and to begin the enrollment process please fill out the survey below.