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Program Options

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What if I want to talk to someone about my options?

The Ocean staff is happy to discuss the above options with you to help decide which is the better choice for your child. Please fill out the New Student Information Form and you will be contacted.  We also have some wonderful parent mentors who have offered to share their experience and knowledge of our school. The parent mentor names with contact information can be found on the Parent Resources page under the Resources tab.

What do you mean when you say Individualized learning plan?

Our philosophy is to develop a plan of study that is tailored to each child. With grade level standards in mind, we start by determining what level a child is currently at using rubrics and quick assessments in reading, writing and math. Then we start to build a curriculum from various resources including our on-site library to meet the child at their level and help them progress from there. We have found this benefits students that might have challenges in a subject area because they aren’t expected to perform at a level they aren’t yet ready for. It also helps students continue to grow in areas where they might be considered above grade level by not being told that they can’t learn that yet. In addition, we encourage that the curriculum (as much as possible) follows the child’s learning style and interests so intrinsically the student is more motivated and learning is enjoyable. This might sound daunting for a new homeschooling parent but the Ocean certificated teachers have many years of supporting homeschooling families and helps guide you through this process. Your monthly meetings with your consultant are meant to set goals, discuss and review the work completed, and learn about strategies, tools and available resources.

What is a Blended program? 

The other unique quality to Ocean is our blended program. Ocean Alternative is considered to be a blended program because of our weekly on-site classes.  Although the class days are optional and meant for enrichment, most of our students attend because it includes fun activity based learning and also gives students a chance to learn with their peers. The added benefit of the class days is that more teachers are working with your child and you now have a team of teachers to support their learning. One of the goals for class days is to create opportunities while together in a group that they can’t experience at home individually. The other goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment. We also offer monthly field trips, community events, and camping trips.  Unfortunately, with the current pandemic all of these activities had to stop.

What subjects will my child study?

Families are expected to provide regular documentation of student work and progress in these six areas:

  • Language Arts (Expand language skills including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.)
  • Mathematics (Expand basic mathematics skills in the following areas number concepts, measurement, patterns & functions, geometry, problem solving, logic, statistics, probability, and algebra.)
  • Science and Engineering (Learn fundamental concepts of science, how things work, and wy. Develop an appreciation of nature and the processes by which nature operates. Expand knowledge of our bodies and the care they require.)
  • Social Studies (Expand knowledge and skills in history, geography, and government. Develop appreciation of other people, countries and cultures.)
  • Arts and Special Studies (Expand knowledge, skills and talents in these areas. Develop an appreciation of music, art, multimedia, crafts and drama in our daily lives.)
  • Physical Education (Instructional programs provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to establish and sustain physical activity as a key component of their lifestyle, as children, adolescents, and adults.)

Does my student need to own a computer?

A student may need a computer for the Ocean Online option. Computers and hot spots are available to borrow.  

Is Ocean Online completely online work?

It depends. Ocean Online can be completely online or not. We believe that it is important to create an education plan that your child will be successful with. To find out more about Ocean Online, refer to the page specific to that program on this website.

What sort of challenges do families typically face when attending your school?

A challenge that families may face is learning how to adjust to schooling at home. Finding the right structure, schedule, and time to support your child while they are homeschooling takes time. The role of our consultant/teachers is to support you with your transition from school in a traditional setting to the world of homeschooling. We also have parent support group meetings and parent mentors to give parents a chance to share their experiences with each other.

What do I do to enroll my student?

Once you have decided that Ocean Alternative can offer the right learning option for your child, please complete the registration form on the Forms page under the Resources tab and bring it to the school office. Also, preregister your child using this link.  If you live outside the Live Oak School district, you also need to complete an Inter-district Transfer and submit it to your district. The transfer form can be found on your home district's website using the search option. Once your home district approves and signs the form, they send it to our district for approval. Once approved, Ocean staff will contact you.

What happens once my child is enrolled?

Parents, students, and the teacher will sign an annual master agreement listing the conditions of the program as described above.  An initial Parent/Teacher/Student meeting will occur at the beginning of the school year and at the frequency described above.  Student Evaluations occur twice a year.