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Introduction to Clever - this is a slide presentation that takes you through the steps to log onto Clever anytime

On School Device

On Personal Device


To support our students with literacy, the district has provided your student with Lexia® Core5® Reading—a fun, computer-based program that has helped millions of students improve their literacy skills. The activities in Core5 support and focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

Scope and Sequence 

Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works: 

• The first time a student logs on they do a 15 min placement. It is important that parents don’t help them. The program will stop automatically when the placement is complete.

*Your child begins Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs and then engages in online activities throughout the week.The program will suggest an amount of time/week that the student  should work to stay on track - 40 - 80 minutes

• Online activities include direct instruction and immediate feedback as your child learns new skills. When the red apple lights up, it signals that a student is in a challenging area.

• Progress and performance in the program are reported directly to teachers so that they can provide assistance when needed. Lessons are available and can be shared with you to help your child through challenging areas.

• Paper-and-pencil skill building activities are also available for practice 

We understand that not all students benefit from online learning. However, if you feel this resource would help your child, the link to this program is on the Clever website. To log in to your student’s Clever account, please refer to the Clever and Online Resources page on our website.  If you have any questions, please contact your consultant.


All grades:

Google Drive (docs, slides, spreadsheet), Gmail 


Khan Academy: Math, LA, Science & Coding

Google Classroom:

Art with Carol - Class code: uqxlwj7

Epic books: this has digital books and educational videos. Requires class code

Sea Squirt Code:  gmr2116

Sea Urchin Code: jwi4762

Grouper Code: vxj5294

Destiny Library: - online access to our school library. 

  1. Click on Destiny Discover-OC icon 
  2. Log in with student user name [without the] and password)
  3. Search items you want and click the hold button.  
  4. Sue will gather the materials and let you know when they are ready to be picked up.

Specific Grades:

Lexia  Literacy program  K-5th (see notes to left)

IXL - Math   2nd - 8th

Digital Citizenship Lessons   4th - 8th